International Semantic Intelligence Conference 

(ISIC 2023)

Proceedings will be published by LNEE, Springer

University of Minho, Braga, Portugal

October 17-19, 2023

International Semantic Intelligence Conference (ISIC 2023) is an annual international platform for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and the Semantic Web communities. It presents a forum to publish cutting-edge research results in intelligent applications.

Due to many technological trends like IoT, Cloud Computing, and Smart Devices, vast amounts of data are generated daily and at unprecedented rates. Traditional data techniques and platforms do not prove to be efficient because of issues concerning responsiveness, flexibility, performance, scalability, accuracy, and more. To manage these vast data sets and to store the archives for longer periods, we need granular access to massively evolving data sets. Addressing this gap has been an important and well-recognized interdisciplinary area of Computer Science. A machine will behave intelligently if the underlying representation scheme exhibits knowledge that can be achieved by representing semantics. 

Semantic Intelligence refers to filling the semantic gap between the understanding of humans and machines by making a machine look at everything in terms of object-oriented concepts as a human look at it. 

Semantic intelligence helps us make sense of the most vital resource, i.e., data, by virtue of making it interpretable and meaningful. The focus is on information as compared to the process. To whatever application, the data will be put to, it is to be represented in a manner that is machine-understandable and hence human-usable. All the important relationships (including who, what, when, where, how, and why) in the required data from any heterogeneous data source are required to be made explicit. 

Artificial Intelligence technologies, Machine Intelligence technologies, and Semantic Web technologies make up Semantic Intelligence Technologies (SITs). SITs are the most important ingredient in building artificially intelligent knowledge-based systems as they aid machines in integrating and processing resources contextually and intelligently.

ISIC aims to bring together researchers, practitioners, and industry specialists to discuss, advance, and shape the future of intelligent systems by virtue of machine learning and semantic technologies.

This year, ISIC 2023 is being co-hosted by National Forensic Sciences University (NFSU), Gujarat, India.

Note: There are three tracks and two Best Paper Awards per Track. 

Each award carries a certificate and a memento.